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SVTRAININGS - India : +91-9966624055

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SVTRAININGS - USA : +1-845-915-8712

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Salesforce Online Training

We provide Salesforce Online Training for learners from USA and India. Our Salesforce Training is provided in online to the learners. Salesforce Online Training demos are scheduled according the continent time of learner. Are you planning for applying CRM? You can rely on our experience of cloud-computing and SaaS deployments.

1. We simply don’t train you technology. We Share Our Real-time implementation expertise to achieve practical abilities and understanding to manage clients, implement better solutions further to enlighten your careers

2. We simply don’t teach course syllabus. We assure to determine that you’re to the industry expectations by providing real-time scenarios, case studies, and providing project oriented examples. We will provide smartly designed study materials, and exercises for practice for fast learning process.

3. We simply don’t make developers. We make full pledged competitive IT Professionals.

Salesforce Administration Online  Training:

If you are new to salesforce or a salesforce user transitioning into admin role this Salesforce Administration Training course is for you. This is an alternative to ADM201 course and can help for Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam.
Duration: 30-40 hrs
Session Type : Online using Webex and Gotomeeting

Serial No

Cloud Computing
Introducing Cloud Computing . Different models in Cloud.
Introducing the Saleasforce Cloud computing With SaaS,PaaS,IAAS

User Login and Identity Confirmation:
CRM functionalities, Products of SF, Login to SF Page

Sales Architecture, Lead Conversation, Accounts, Contacts

Establishing Your Company Profile with SFDC
Language,Locale,TimeZone,Currencies,Fiscal Year

Administration Setup
Company Profile, Security Controls, Templates, Translation Workbench, Data Management, Monitoring, Mobile administration

Personal Setup
My Personal setup, Email, Import, Desktop Integration, Chatter Settings, Social Accounts & Contacts and Security Tokens

User Interface Settings

Sales Cloud Business Process
Campain management,Lead management ,Account,Contact,Opportunities creations.

SalesForce Training

Service Cloud Business Process
Contracts, Assests, Cases, Solutions.

Relationship and DataTypes
Master detail and Lookup,Heirachical ,Self.
Rollup Summary field and different types of data types.

Data Validation:
Learn about Salesforce CRM Data Validation

Create Data Validation Rules

Learn about the Custom fields & Unique properties

Business Process in SalesForce
Workflows, Approval Process, Case Escalation Rules, Assignement Rules.

Security and Access
Set Organization-Wide Defaults.

Role Hierarchy, Public Groups, Queues, Permission Sets.

Sharing Rules. Use field-level security.

Extending Salesforce CRM:
Learn about Custom Wed Tabs, Build a Custom tab, Custom Object Creation and Custom Fields.

Create custom profiles & custom fields. Define dependent pick lists
Customize lookup fields & formula fields Customize page layouts
Customize standard related lists
Learn about record types & business processes. Custom settings and Labels.

Data Analysis
Report Formats ,Creation of report, Scheduled Reports Tabular, Summar, Matrix, Joined and Dashboard.

Data Management
Data Loader, Import and Export Wizard.

SalesForce Training
Code Deployment
Different types of Sandboxes, Change sets, Migration Tool

Governor Limits, BestPracteses ,Notes and Certification assistance and Mock Interviews and Resume building.

Salesforce Development Training:
If you are an admin or power user trying to get into doing Apex and Visualforce development our training can help you achieve your goals. This is an alternative to DEV401 course and can help prep for Certified Developer exam.
Desired Background/Pre-Requisites
• Salesforce Administration Training OR Prior Salesforce Admin Experience
• Basic Programming knowledge.
Duration: 30-40 hrs
Session Type : Online using Webex and gotomeeting

Serial Topics Description
1 Cloud Computing Introducing Cloud Computing .
Different models in Cloud.
Introducing the Saleasforce Cloud computing With SaaS,PaaS,IAAS
2 Apex and Basic OOPS Introduction to Apex and Basics(All Apex OOPS concepts)
concepts Data Types (Primitive Data Types, sObject Types).

3 Classes and Methods and Classes, Methods, Interfaces, Constructors, Access modifier, Static
Objects and instance method.

4 Retrieving Records from the sObject Relationships
SOQL, SOSL, Apex Sharing
Sample programs using the above concepts

SalesForce Training
5 Collections and Apex Class Types of Collections
Creating an Apex Class
Calling a Class Method
Alternative Apex Class Creation

6 Triggers Trigger Events,Trigger Syntax, Trigger Context Variables
Context Variable Considerations,Bulk Triggers
Sample Programs using above concepts(using maps and sets in the
Bulk Triggers)
Order of Execution

7 Deployment (Testing Apex) Deployment overview (Understanding Testing in Apex)
Deploying Apex into another Organization
Testing Example
Sample Programs using the above concept
Test calsses for Controller,Triggers,Batch apex,Scheduled apex.

8 Apex Dynamic Apex, Batch Apex, Scheduled Apex
Debugging Apex

9 Dynamic Apex Dynamic SOQL
Dynamic SOQL
Dynamic DML

10 Annotations @Deprecated
SalesForce Training
@Is Test
@Remote action

11 Governer Rules and Best More sample Programs

12 Visual force VF Interoduction
Tags used in Creating the Visual force Pages
Sample Tags
View State
Sample Visual force pages
VF Components.

13 Creation of Visual force Page Tags,Input Tags,Output Tags,Action Tags,Select Tags,Other
Pages using Tags Tags.
Overriding Buttons, Links, and Tabs with Visualforce

14 Interdiction Controllers Standard Controller, Custom Controller,Controller Extension

15 Packages Managed Package,Un Managed Package

16 Web Services (SOAP and Apex Methods as SOAP Web Services
REST) Apex Classes as REST Web Services

17 WSDL and Integrations JAVA to SalesForce integration by SOAP and REST API
Partner WSDL & EnterPrice WSDL

18 Deployments Migration Tool,Migration with Change Sets
Migration with Eclipse


SalesForce Training

20 Code Deployment Different types of Sandboxes, Change sets, Migration Tool

21 Others. Governor Limits, BestPracteses ,Notes and
Certification assistance and Mock Interviews
and Resume building.

Salesforce Integration Training:
Desired Background/Pre-Requisites
• Salesforce Administration Training and Salesforce Dev Experience(Apex,VF) • Basic Programming knowledge.
Duration: 15 hrs
Session Type : Online using Webex and Gotomeeting

Serial No

Web Service Basics
Basics about Webservice & WSDL &cleint and Server side codings.

WSDL and Its usage.
Partner WSDL & EnterPrice WSDL

SOAP and REST api usage,implementation and difference.

Java to SFDC
Java to SalesForce Integration via REST API. Java to SalesForce Integration via SOAP API.

SalesForce to Java via SOAP API and REST API

Apex class as Webserice class
How to expose Apex class as a Webservice (Both SOAP &REST)

SalesForce to Facebook integration

SalesForce to Twitter integration

SalesForce Training

SalesForce to GoogleApp and Google API (GeoLocation,Location Address,Location Details) integration.

SalesForce to integration Assistance.

SalesForce Canvas
Salesforce canvas and JavaScript Canvas SDK

Real Time Examples
SF to Guidewire via REST API.

Metadata API,Straming API,Bulk API usage
SF API usage


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